Gold 24k Online Orders

Gold 24K(999 Purity) Orders Online:

How to order 24 Carats gold of 999 purity:

1. Customers can order 24 carats (999 purity) gold coins/bars only through email & phone services

Email care:

Phone: 8297167898 or 8886765959 or 96421708889

2. Our customer service representative will tell you about the price, purity & delivery mode, delivery date in phone/email.


Ø  Gold prices are subjected to world market fluctuations so prices may vary in every fraction of seconds.

Ø  Gold prices varies based on city/location for the same purity of gold

Ø  So customers can confirm the order twice by paying the amount immediately at the time of order.

Ø  24 carat gold order service is available only for Hyderabad customers for selected locations*

Ø  Orders once placed in this category cannot be cancelled

*indicates selected locations –please contact store owner by email or Phone mentioned under “contact us” section