Rent Services


Rent fashion jewellery is one kind of service providing by Hyderabad.

Why jewellery for rent?

Renting fine designer jewelry for weddings and special occasions is a thoughtful concept, and is happy to bring it to you in India. We realize the value of need to buy expensive jewels just so it can be worn a few times on special occasions. Now as we wear it for 3rd or 4rth time by then everybody has seen it on us , over and over again. offers  you the opportunity  to add variety to your  jewelry collection with hundreds of designs to choose from. Now dazzle everyone with our unique jewelry collection to wear at each special occasion without having to make any permanent and costly investment. It is time to add different pinch of spice for every occasion and make others compelled to complement u with our simple way and less cost to order jewelry.

How to order fashion jewellery products for Rent service?

Ø  Access and view products

Ø  Note product codes(Ex: FORUD090)

Ø  Send an email to  or call to customer care@ 8297167898/8886765959/9642170889 about the products you want for rent service

Ø will send the products to you after collecting the security deposit amount from you & our customer service representative will explain about the security deposit, daily rental fee, terms & conditions,etc

Which products will be available for Rent services?

Ø  Vaddanam/Waist Belts

Ø  Vanki

Ø  Jhumkas

Ø  Earrings

Ø  Anklet/payals

Ø  Jadapali

Ø  Necklace & Haram/long chain sets

Ø  Marriage Sets,etc & many more

Timings: When to enquiry about rent services?

Ø  You need to enquiry at least before3-4hours of original rent taking time


Ø  Rental fee is based on daily basis for every product and customer has to pay security deposit fee before taking the products for rent.

Ø  Customers have to pay security deposit amount at your doorstep or location or at your convenient payment method after discussing with owner/representative.

Ø  Security deposit fee is 100% refundable once the customer has returned the products with no defects/damages as mentioned in the terms & conditions.

Ø  If the product is damaged by the customer then will deduct the amount from security deposit of customer w.r.t original price of the product.

Ø  All rent products/inventory is brand new and this inventory is separate from the “Buy/purchase inventory or try n buy  inventory”

Ø  Rent services are available only for Hyderabad & secunderabad customers in selected locations/pin codes(Locations are same as mentioned under “COD/Try n Buy” service locations”).