Jewel Care

How to take Care of your Fashion & Precious Jewellery:

Ø  For Gold-plated fashion jewellery - Protect them against scratches to maintain their luster – since they have 1-3 microns gold coated over a metal or alloy base which is very thin.

Ø  For Gold-plated fashion jewellery- Avoid wearing your jewellery while cleaning, gardening or performing other household or sports activities

Ø  Always store the jewelry in a plastic jewelry bag to protect it from humidity. This will avoid tarnish and the jewelry will last longer.

Ø  Avoid storing your jewelry box in extreme temperatures. Store it in a cool or warm place.

Ø  If the jewelry gets wet, pat dry it with a towel before storing it.Do not keep the jewelry in the plastic jewelry bag if it is wet.

Ø  Wipe the jewelry pieces with a jewelry cleaning cloth or a jewelry polishing cream.

Ø  Glass or Crystal jewelry pieces are very delicate and could break easily. They should be stored between layers of cotton to avoid breakage.

Ø  Although Enamel doesn’t break or chip off,it has to be protected. If it falls on a hard floor it could chip the enamel of the jewelry or worse the enamel could come off.

Ø  Protect your jewellery from sharp blows, scratches and extreme temperatures.

Ø  Avoid contact with perfumes, sprays, chemicals and water.

Ø  Keep your jewellery in a clean, dry and airtight box. Wipe it using a soft cloth regularly.

Ø  You give your jewellery for periodic professional maintenance (at least once a year – Best Jewellery Care Practice)

Ø  Between professional servicing you clean your jewellery regularly.

Ø  You examine the prong settings regularly as they are vulnerable. It is better to be sure that they hold the stone securely.

Ø  You store your jewellery in a protective box, case or tarnish-resistant pouch. You can as well invest in a multi-storage case with different compartments for different types of jewellery.

Ø  Store your jewellery in a zip lock pouch while traveling to prevent from scratches.

Ø  You fasten all chains and bracelets when you store them in your jewellery box to avoid a tangled mess when you dress up.

Ø  You wait for at least ten minutes to wear your jewellery after you have put your make up, perfume and hairspray on. The chemicals in these can easily harm your precious jewellery.

Ø  You use warm water and some mild detergent to clean most of your jewellery (except delicate gemstones like opals, emeralds, pearls and some garnet jewellery).

Ø  To avoid hot water and harsh chemicals at all times. Remove your jewellery before using products that contain bleach, especially mercury. So, do remember to keep your jewellery away when you break a thermometer.

Ø  Don’t expose your jewellery to extreme weather conditions.

Ø  Don’t  store diamonds and gemstones together. Instead use separate boxes for them as the stones are harder and the metals can easily get scratches.

Ø  Don’t go to bed wearing you jewellery as the fibers from your bed sheets can get caught in the claw settings.

Ø  Don’t  wear your jewellery while doing household chores or any heavy work. This can leave a deposit of sweat or grime on its surface.

Ø  Don’t  expose your jewellery to solutions containing acids, vinegar or ammonia. They can easily harm your treasured pieces.

Ø  For Pearls -  Don’t keep in closed container for long as they might get dehydrated and do not keep in plastic bags

Ø  For Pearls - Store them separately to avoid scratches as pearls are very soft.

Ø  For Pearls - Get your pearl jewellery restrung when required.

Ø  For Pearls - Wear your pearls often.

Ø  Gold and silver jewellery might get tarnished if not worn regularly. Place anti-tarnish strips in the jewellery box.

Ø  For Diamond Jewellery - Do not wear them if you are into water activities as the chlorine in the water reacts with diamonds and can make them fall.

Ø  For Diamond Jewellery - Use a mild solution of 6 parts warm water, 1 part ammonia, 1 part dish washing liquid and apply with a very soft bristle brush(Consider this is an cleaning tip)

Ø  For Diamond Jewellery - Get them checked regularly for any loose settings.